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Metlife – Digital Art Direction

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Metlife – Digital Art Direction

I worked in the digital agency call Wunderman and I was hired to be the Digital Art Director of one of the clients they have. The client that I worked making designs and websites was MetLife. I was in charged of the digital production of this company in Latin America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brasil, Colombia and Mexico). This website was created with only one main objetive: Make new customers have a digital option to hire dental plan for them and their family in 3 simple steps easy to complete. We created a site ecommerce were the customers complete forms and they can save in diferents steps if they are tired and want to complete the process later. The site was designed to be navegate in the differents digital platform, so we created a site with responsive design (desktop, notebook, netbook, tablet and smartphones).


octubre 7, 2013


Web Design